2016 The Magic of Christmas

The theme for this year’s Madison Christmas Parade was “The Magic of Christmas”. We reused the chimney decorations from last year and added a few magical touches. Our resident tinkerers, Jeremy C. and Randall, figured out how to hook a bubble machine and smoke machine together, producing smoke filled bubbles. The idea was to create the illusion of snow. It worked better than we could have imagined! The best part was when the bubbles popped, leaving a little puff of smoke behind.

The second addition this year was elf hats for all the scouts. Between the “snow” and the “elves”, it looked like Santa’s workshop! We heard lots of positive comments from the sidelines as we walked the route. When we finished the route we were motioned to join the other entrants who had won an award and were pleased to receive the Mayor’s Award (Large Float) for the third year running.

Photo album on Google Photos (opens in new window/tab)

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