Jonathan Frazier

When did you join Pack 8?

I joined Pack 8 in the fall of 2013 after my son Caleb came home from school excited about scouts.  We went to the parent night, met all the packs, and decided Pack 8 was the best fit for us.

What scouting experience did you have before volunteering?

I didn’t have any scouting experience before joining Pack 8.  I had lots of camping and outdoor experience but had never been part of scouts before.

What is your current role with Pack 8?

I am currently the Cub Master, which means I am responsible for helping den leaders as they need, running pack meetings, and installing good character in each boy.

How long have you had this role?

I have been in this role for the past year.  The past Cub Master left a great legacy in how to engage kids and bring excitement to the scout program which I have attempted to build upon.

What previous roles have you had and for how long?

I was a den leader for 3 years and the assistant Cub Master for a year.

How many Cub Scouts are you raising?

I am raising 1 cub scout and a little girl that will probably be a girl scout, but will wish she could be a boy scout!

Something interesting about you?

I enjoy obstacle, group, and long distant races.  My friend and current Web 1 den leader Shannon Thurston introduced me to Spartan races.  These races include a run between 3-15 miles where you go over, under, or through 15-30 obstacles.  We ran 4 races last year and had a blast!

Favorite part of being in Pack 8?

I love teaching and developing kids.  Scouts provides a perfect opportunity to take the knowledge you have and transfer it to the next generation.  Pack 8 has evolved a tremendous amount over the last 4 years and while change can be hard, we have emerged as a stronger and more dedicated pack.  The parents are supportive, the kids engaged, and the volunteers wonderful.

Sunny Parker

Sunny became a part of Pack 8 in 2016, though her scouting experience began when she was in Girl Scouts as a child. Sunny is currently our Fundraising Chair and has organized our popcorn efforts and other fundraising activities, such as a car wash. A little more about Sunny:
I am married with 2 boys (5 and 7). I love crafting, scrap-booking, sewing and more.  I substitute teach when I have the time.  My favorite thing to do is snuggle with my kids and goof off.  We love camping and road trips.  I am not much of a hiker, but enjoy being in nature just the same.  My favorite place to be is near the ocean (Oregon mostly).  I have an awkward sense of humor.  I enjoy asking questions.  I am very curious by nature.
Sunny’s favorite part of being in Pack 8? She says it’s like finding a new family.  Everyone is very friendly and welcoming.