Curtis Humphrey

Curtis joined Pack 8 in 2014 with his son, Zachary. Long before that, however, Curtis’ scouting journey began when he himself was a Tiger Cub (back then, Tigers were not a part of Cub Scouts per se), followed by Cub Scouts (wherein he earned his Arrow of Light), Boy Scout (he achieved the rank of Eagle in 1999), Post Scout, and Crew Scout. With so much scouting experience, he was a shoo in for a leadership position and so became the Den Leader for Den 4, which naturally progressed into Cubmaster in 2018.

Curtis is raising three scouts: one in Den 4 “Fiery Eagles” (which bridged in 2019), one in Den 2, and one in Den 6. Curtis’ wife, Jennifer, is also very involved with scouting and they credit scouting for bringing them together in the first place!

Curtis says his favorite part of being in Pack 8 is that it’s a great group of leaders with the right focus: outdoor fun and energetic meetings with different types of learning than in a school setting.