2017 Pinewood Derby Results

Congratulations to our winners!!

Scout – Speed

  1. Miles G. (Tiger)
  2. Aaron B. (Web II)
  3. Gabe S. (Bear)

Scout – Looks

  1. Sean K. (Wolf)
  2. Jadon G. (Web II)
  3. Spencer B. (Bear)

Outlaw Fastest Car

Ella T.

People’s Choice:

Miles G. (Tiger)


The top 5 Scouts and top 4 Outlaws are eligible to advance to the District Pinewood Derby (March 11, 2017). (Listed in alphabetical order)

Scout – Speed

  • Aaron B. (Web II)
  • Miles G. (Tiger)
  • Gabe S. (Bear)
  • Chase T. (Bear)
  • Logan T. (Web II)

Scout – Looks

  • Spencer B. (Bear)
  • Jadon G. (Web II)
  • Zachary H. (Bear)
  • Sean K. (Wolf)
  • Andrew L. (Web II)

Outlaw – Speed

  • AJ L.
  • Bill L.
  • Ella T.

Outlaw – Looks

  • Jeremy C.
  • Aiden K.
  • Tamara M.
  • Debbie S.


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