Spring Campout

In 2016 we re-introduced the annual Spring Campout. This weekend adventure is similar to our Fall Campout, but is slightly more laid back. By the time spring rolls around, we’re ready to just kick back in the hammock and relax – at least, the adults are!

Our favorite places for this campout are at Camp Jackson and Monte Sano State Park. Camp Jackson is one of the 5 camps held by the Greater Alabama Council. This camp is beside the Tennessee River and we’re able to take advantage of everything the river has to offer, including fishing and canoeing. Monte Sano State Park gives us the opportunity to enjoy all that camping has to offer, while staying close enough to home to run kids to a sporting or other event if necessary. At Monte Sano the focus is on hiking and wildlife.

The boys have been working hard all year on their advancements and most of them have already completed their requirements for their rank, but this campout provides one last opportunity to get a few outdoor activities signed off.