Dirty Derby

2018 saw our first Dirty Derby Lock In. At this event, scouts and their adult partners spend the night at Monrovia Elementary. The Dirty Derby takes place the night before the Pack Pinewood Derby and there is a small participation fee which covers dinner, breakfast, one car kit, and supplies for a belt loop requirement. During the evening, scouts design, decorate, and race their box car. We recognize that in many cases, scouts have significant help in making their Pinewood Derby car. The Dirty Derby is an opportunity for them to make a car with little to no help! The only area where adults do the work is in operating the power tools – the rest is done entirely by the scouts! In addition to making their Dirty Derby car, scouts work on one or more requirements for a belt loop. After racing the cars, a movie is put on for those who need some wind-down time, and then everyone heads to bed. The next morning starts with breakfast, then moves right into the Pinewood Derby. Those who wish to race their Dirty Derby cars have a little time modify them as needed, and then the real racing begins!