Pinewood Derby

The primary purpose of the Pinewood Derby (PWD) is for the Cub Scout to participate in the construction of a racecar. This is intended to be a family activity that strengthens the Cub Scout’s mental, cognitive, and hands-on skills. Two secondary purposes of the derby are: (1) having fun and (2) providing some healthy competition.

Visit the BSA’s Pinewood Derby page.


Pack 8’s Pinewood Derby has three leagues: Scout, Outlaw, and Legacy. The rules for each of these leagues are outlined in the documents linked below. The Scout League is open only to Scouts while the Outlaw League is open to all adults, scouts, and siblings. All entrants in these leagues may compete for Fastest Car and/or Best Looking. The Legacy League is open to all adults, scouts, and siblings who wish to race a car that has participated in a previous Pinewood Derby. Entrants in the Legacy compete only for Fastest Car.

Dirty Derby Lock-In

New for 2018! The Dirty Derby will take place the night before our Pack’s Pinewood Derby. The purpose of the Dirty Derby is for Scouts to make their own derby car with no help! (Aside from operating power tools…) The $15 entrance fee will cover dinner and breakfast for the Scout and a partner, plus one car kit. Tools and materials will be on hand. Then we’ll race the freshly finished cars! The official Pinewood Derby will take place the following morning. (It is recommended that Scouts complete their Pinewood Derby cars before the Lock In begins. Early check in for the Pinewood Derby will be available)

Pinewood Derby Results