Training Opportunities

Visit the District and Council Training pages for dates and registration information.


Youth Protection Training

These courses are required for all new registered leaders and must be retaken every two years to maintain registration. A login is required, but anyone may create a user account and view the courses. Registered members of the BSA may provide their member numbers (as part of the user profile) to receive credit. Go to E-Learning (above) to take this course.

Basic Leader Requirements

These  courses are designed to help Scouters learn how to effectively carry out their Scouting roles. In most cases, completing the course will make a Scouter “trained” for the role(s) covered in the course. E-learning versions of some courses may be found in the E-learning section. More information.

Visit’s Training page for more information: Adult Training.

Multi-District Training

The Greater Alabama Council offers multiple instructor-led courses throughout the year.

Cub Scout Adult Training Offered:

  •     Cubmaster Training
  •     Den Leader Training
  •     Pack Committee Training

BALOO and IOLS Training

Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) is a one-and-a-half day course designed as an introduction to the Cub Scout outdoor program. The training has two components: online pre-requisite and an outdoor overnight hands on component.

Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills (IOLS) is a hands-on course that provides adult leaders the practical outdoor skills they need to lead Scouts in the out-of-doors. Upon completion, leaders should feel comfortable teaching Scouts the basic skills required to obtain the First Class rank.

Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness first aid, or “WFA”, is a generic term that commonly refers to any training course that focuses on prevention, assessment, and treatment for an ill or injured person in a remote environment where definitive care by a physician and/or rapid transport is not readily available. This is defined as being an hour or more away from advanced care.  WFA courses are intended for anyone planning a remote high adventure, from lay responders to medical professionals.

University of Scouting

The University of Scouting is an annual council-wide training event designed to provide more in-depth study than can be provided in the basic training courses offered for the various leadership positions. This is accomplished with the use of experienced leaders offering a large number of single-topic courses varying in length from one to three hours. The courses are offered in eight distinct colleges and schools.

Wood Badge

Wood Badge is advanced Scout leader training that began in 1919 by Lord Baden-Powell, founder of Scouting and Wood Badge’s first director. It came to America in 1948 and has been updated to reflect current BSA policies and programs. Incorporating the best techniques available, Wood Badge has become the most advanced leadership training course in Scouting!

Wood Badge is the highest level of Scout leadership training and provides you with the tools to be a superior leader. The leadership skills taught are for leaders from all Scouting areas including Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Venturing and the district and council. The 1st half of the course utilizes a classroom environment and practical exercises to teach the essentials of leadership. You’ll learn what makes leadership work for you in Scouting and your personal life. The 2nd half offers classroom and outdoor experiences to help you learn the application of leadership skills. Finally, you will write and complete a “Ticket”. The “Ticket” consists of five written goals. These goals connect your new leadership knowledge to your role in Scouting.

Any Scouter who has attended basic training for their registered position and serves in a leadership role in Scouting or in a position that directly supports a unit can attend.