Snack Sticks

In 2017, Pack 8 began selling Country Meats Smoked Snacks to raise funds. These funds are used towards scout dues and activities including the Winter Camp-In and the Blue & Gold Banquet.

Our snack stick fundraiser is divided into two sections: the individual sales and the group sales. All scouts are expected to participate in the group sales, but they may choose not to participate in the individual sales.

Individual Sales

Each scout receives a box of snack sticks, checked out to their name. If they are able to sell all of the sticks assigned to them, they will have paid for their dues and magazine subscription for the upcoming school year. Partial sales will result in prorated dues. Proceeds from sales beyond their initial box-full can be used throughout the upcoming year to pay for activities.

Group Sales

Group sales consist of offering snack sticks for sale in front of area retail outlets such as Wal-mart or Lowes. Each scout is expected to contribute two hours to help the Pack raise money for Pack events such as campouts, pack meetings, parties, parades, and general expenses. We are usually able to secure timeslots over several weekends so families have options when scheduling their time.


Please note: according to BSA and IRS policies, all funds raised by the unit (in this case, Pack 8) from product sales belong to the unit and can only be used at the discretion of unit leadership.