Pack Committee

The Pack Committee is the leadership of the Pack. Without these volunteers, the Pack would not be able to operate. While this list looks long, we always have room for more volunteers! If you would like to help the Committee in any way, whether making a commitment for a year or maybe just helping out with one event, please let us know!


Committee Chair: Deborah Stuessy

Committee Treasurer: Erika Walley, soon to be Shane Scanland

Committee Secretary: Brandy Conway

Cubmaster: Seth Walley

Assistant Cubmaster: Curtis Humphrey, soon to be VACANT

Advancement Chair: Erika Walley

Facilities Coordinator (aka Keymaster): VACANT

Fundraising Chair: VACANT

Roles and Responsibilities

Committee Chair

The Committee Chair serves as one of the unit’s Key3 positions and has three primary responsibilities in Pack 8:

  1. Maintain relationships with our Chartering Organization and their representatives and with our District and Council representatives.
  2. Approve adult applications and obtaining required signatures or additional approvals as needed.
  3. File all necessary paperwork for Pack Charter review and reregistration with the BSA each year. This includes aiding the Pack in scheduling activities needed in order to earn desired awards, including the Summertime Pack Award and Journey to Excellence

The Committee Treasurer ensures that the Pack’s finances are sound. Specifically, this includes:

  • Maintain the Pack’s bank account
  • Approve all budget expenditures
  • Keep up to date financial records
  • Periodically report on the Pack’s financial condition at monthly leaders meeting

The Pack Secretary maintains the Pack’s Scoutbook account and takes minutes at the monthly leaders meeting. Pack 8 uses Scoutbook to maintain all contact information, communicate with participants, maintain the Pack’s calendar, and record advancements. The Secretary is responsible for keeping the calendar up-to-date, assisting families with their Scoutbook connections as needed, and sending out reminders, updates, and general information.

Minutes are to be recorded during the monthly leaders meeting and distributed to the Pack leadership.

Facilities Coordinator

The Facilities Coordinator works with Pack leadership to obtain necessary permissions to use facilities required for scheduled meetings and activities. Also on meeting nights they pick up the key from MES during school hours and open the doors 15 minutes prior to the meeting.

Advancement Chair

The Advancement Chair maintains Scoutbook records relating to awards, including creating purchase orders in Scoutbook, obtaining the awards from the Scout Shop, and assisting in handing out the awards at Pack meetings or other ceremonies.