Jeremy Cash

When did you join Pack 8?

My son and I joined pack 8  in the fall of 2014.  We chose pack 8 because of its long history in the Monrovia area and its close proximity to our home.  After attending a few meetings and my son getting to know some of the other boys we knew it’s where we belong.

What scouting experience did you have before volunteering?

I grew up with a Scouting background having started as a Tiger and finishing the rank of Eagle in ’93.  I feel very blessed to have had such a positive experience with Scouting and believe it has shaped a lot of who I am today.

What is your current role with Pack 8?

I am currently the Pack Committee Chair for Pack 8 and am responsible for guiding our leaders to do the best they can for our boys and the Scouting program.

How long have you had this role?

I assumed this position in the Fall of 2015 just as our pack was beginning its recharter period.

What previous roles have you had and for how long?

Prior to the committee chair position I held the title of ‘outdoor events coordinator’.  Given my love of camping and outdoor events it was one I enjoyed doing.  It’s a good feeling when all the boys have a good time and can enjoy the outdoors.

How many Cub Scouts are you raising?

I have one Cub Scout and a daughter who really enjoys tagging along on our Cub Scout adventures when she can.

Something interesting about you?

I enjoy overlanding which is a general term for backcountry exploration by vehicle.   It sort of rolls a lot of my outdoor hobbies all into one.  I also enjoy metal fabrication, cooking, 4-wheeling, and working on our farm.

Favorite part of being in Pack 8?

My favorite part of being in Pack 8 is seeing everyone come together for the betterment of our kids.  A lot of Cub Scouting is about the kids having fun but I believe they learn more than they realize at the time.  All the time put into Scouting pays off and I believe that the more you put in the more you get back.