Riannon Stenberg

When did you join Pack 8?
Our family joined Pack 8 in September 2018 when my son became old enough to join Tiger Cubs.

What scouting experience did you have before volunteering?
I was a Girl Scout for three years as a Junior when I was in middle school.  I grew up around Boy Scouts my entire life.  My two younger brothers were in Scouts from Tigers all the way to Eagle Scouts and eventually they became adult leaders.  As a family we attended all of the meetings, camps, and family events for both of them.

What is your current role with Pack 8?
I am the Tiger Cub Assistant Den Leader for Den 6.

How long have you had this role?
I am fairly new to my role as the Tiger Cub Assistant Den Leader for Den 6.  I have only been in the position for two months.

What previous roles have you had and for how long?
I have had no previous roles in Boy Scouts but look forward to the opportunities that may arise in the future!

How many Cub Scouts are you raising?
I am raising one Cub Scout.  My son is currently a Tiger Cub and we are having a blast in scouting!

Something interesting about you?
I love to travel and learning new and interesting things when I leave home.  I have seen most of the US and am now trying to add international countries to my places I have visited.

Favorite part of being in Pack 8?
I love watching the kids grow and learn from the various activities and how they help our family grow closer while having fun!


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