Jennifer Humphrey

Jennifer’s family joined Pack 8 in 2014 when her oldest son became a Tiger Cub. Less than a year later, she joined the leadership in the role of Committee Secretary. She held this position until the spring of 2017 when she transitioned to Committee Treasurer and handed over the duties of Secretary to Jennifer White.

Jennifer was never in Girl Scouts, but she enjoys the reaction when she tells people she was a Boy Scout, having been a part of a Post (which later became a Crew) when she was in high school. It was through this involvement that she met her husband, Curtis.

Curtis and Jennifer are raising three scouts: one in Den 4 “Fiery Eagles” (which bridged in 2019), one in Den 2, and one in Den 6. Jennifer loves the outdoors (as long as it’s warm) and being away from civilization; she relishes any opportunity to abandon her phone and other electronics. Her favorite activity is backpacking: she says the food always tastes better and the sleep is always sweeter when you’ve had to haul your gear on your back.

Jennifer’s favorite part of being in Pack 8 is watching families come together to enjoy outings together and teach their boys (and girls!) skills that aren’t generally taught in school.

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